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While none of these enemies can be avoided, they can be managed effectively. The sun dulls and clouds the beauty of the sharp and clear reflective surface of the gelcoat seemingly overnight. Thats because the first rule of caring for your boat is consistentcy.Either you are going to do it, or you are going to have to hire someone like me to do it.  I work with my clients on an individual needs basis and sometimes we "share" in the process. No matter how, one thing is for sure- the above enemies will win if you don't.To keep that gelcoat as clear and sharp as new needs only consistent waxing. Here in SW Florida a minimum of 3 waxings annually are needed. Your prime objective should be to NEVER, EVER have to use a compound on the gelcoat. Totally differant from a auto finish, gelcoat is softer and it is also pourous. Its also alot like waterfront property. There is only just so much of it, and when its gone, its GONE...hello expensive paint job! I would suggest not being too frugal when choosing your wax either as you really do get what you pay for in this department.
Washing your boat properly is  the most important factor in caring for your boat. This is where I find the biggest problem for most boaters. Please use a good quality boat wash that won't remove the wax as you wash. Several companies make exellent wash and wax soaps which are great in keeping that shine. Never, never,  use a dishwashing liquid to wash your boat, it can actually etch the gelcoat. Boat soaps or at the very least a high quality car wash that specifically states that it does not remove the wax. And now your saying "is she CRAZY? what about all those black streaks?" Well, you will find that a wash and wax soap will work alot better than you think and for what you can't get out with that...get yourself a bottle of spray wax, squirt, wipe, its magic!
A special note here about what I think is really a boats #1 hands down, no doubt about it, makes me nuts when I see it..ENEMY numero uno, BLEACH !!!! It will accelerate the aging process of your boat faster then any other substance except acid! I promise this is TRUE!
Lets move on to SALT. Salt loves WAX. It will eat away all the wax on your boat if you let it. After each and every use in salt water your boat should be washed down. Period. Not rinsed down, wahed down. You don't have to make a "Hollywood Production" out of this event. Just a bucket, a little soap a brush and pole, swish swish and your done. Can you just do the hull? NO, that salt has sprayed more than the hull. We have to be realistic.  Salt can reduce even the best stainless to a rusty mess in time and remember that once any metal "pits" thats it you have reached the point of NO RETURN. Not a place I want to go! I have seen some real messes out there. Yes, you can spray acid on it and the rust will go away but, OOPS, so does the finish. There is a better way and if you will write me if your stainless is already a real mess I will give you some advise.
Lets recap. Consistent waxing, good boat soap that won't remove wax, and never leave salt water on the boat and never use bleach on the boat. See, simple!
Lets move on to my personal favorite to deal with, MILDEW. First of all lets face the facts here. Boats get wet and on a good day out there the boat and almost everyone and everything in that boat is going to have the opportunity to get wet. The more "stuff" that you cram into all those nifty compartments and scuppers... the more dirty, wet, and mildewed "stuff"you are going to have! Less stuffis definately a good thing. And plastic storage pieces with tight lids are inexpensive, readily available and come in almost countless sizes and shapes. Buy some, and use them. I know I said never use bleach but when it comes to mildew you are probably going to have to use either an anti-bacterial cleaner or in worst cases what I use is Tilex Mold and Mildew. Lots of water first, scrub and rinse off as quickly as you can. And remember, those wet towels that you left on the boat aren't going to be very pretty the next time your on that boat!
Well, those are some of most basic things that I can think of to get you thinking, and hopefully planning ahead. Good luck on your journey in boat ownership. It sure is a pleasant journey and with common sense and good planning it doesn't have to be alot of work. I will answer any mail with questions...just remember, I don't sit at my email screen all day.  Mine is an owner operated company and I am most probably somewhere on a boat in harbor in the Gulf of SW Florida. Please be patient with me.
Thanks for visiting with me, I hope you enjoyed your stay and that I may have given you at least one little tip that will make caring for your boat just a little easier.
Fair winds and calm seas!

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